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Full Day Immersive Experience on 
Mary Magdalene:
A Leader for the First and Twenty First Centuries

Investment $65*

*Scholarships available upon request 

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Join us in fellowship:

  • Learn the importance of Mary Magdalene in the modern world

  • Learn why modern research has made such a difference in understanding Mary Magdalene

  • Learn why Mary's relationship to Peter was so central to the historical memory of Mary

  • Learn the background behind the controversies surrounding Mary Magdalene

  • "The non-canonical writings can shed tremendous light on the Bible and the author's extensive research does just that! Drawing upon quantum physics to illustrate that the material world is not what it appears, Dr. Paulson likewise looks at familiar Bible stories in a way that might be new to many with great relevance for today. I recommend this book to anyone who loves the Bible and wants to learn more about the earliest followers of Christ.

    Eric Nager

    ''Dispelling myths and beliefs to understanding the reality God/Good throughout all time and space. Shirley has written a convincing book of the erroneous and fear-producing beliefs and myths that, when dispelled through understanding history and reasoning between God’s only good Allness and the opposites of mortal human theory, all are free to live without fear and ignorance, and live consciously with peace, innate wholeness, health, purpose and love.''

    Ginny Nilsen

    ''Shirley's writing on this ancient text brings new insights, understandings, and invitations to reimagine the ancient story in the light of our own humanity and oneness with the Divine. Very readable! Very teachable.

    Rev. Karen Hagen

    Collaborators on this event include:

    Episcopal Diocese of Utah

    Episcopal Diocese of Utah

    "Following Jesus in the way of Love"

    We are 22 congregations from Logan, Utah to Page, Arizona. We are a diverse and welcoming community of faith and outreach. We are part of the wider Episcopal Church throughout the United States and thirteen other countries as well as the worldwide Anglican communion.

    All are welcome in our ministries and churches, regardless of where they may be in their faith journey.

    Early Christian Texts

    Dr. Shirley Paulson's website

    Exploring historical and spiritual questions about Jesus, women, salvation, healing, gender, and wholeness raised by extra-canonical books, forgotten scriptures, and so-called "gnostic” gospels.

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