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During This Experience, You Will:

  • Learn how Jesus continued supporting his followers after he was gone

  • Understand the importance of extracanonical texts

  • Discover HOW Jesus actually healed

  • Deepen your understanding of the good news of God

  • Gain an understanding of how early Christian texts are expanding our knowledge of Christianity

Study and Learn in Fellowship


Free preview experience on zoom 
overview of the Secret Revelation of John
recorded on April 11, 2023

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Free zoom preview experience. Topic Review of Historical Landscape part 1 of 12 of Illuminating the Secret Revelation of John

Recorded on May 2, 2023

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Full-day immersive experience,
parts 2 through 6 on 'Illuminating the Secret Revelation of John,
Catching the Light'
May 20, 2023
9 am to 3 pm MT

Zoom online option available at registration

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Shirley Paulson PhD,

is especially interested in the bridge-making, conversation-supporting, and healing role these ancient, long-forgotten extra canonical texts can be. From her 30 years’ healing experience as a Christian Science practitioner, she discovers messages of hope and healing from the ancient texts. Her first book, Illuminating the Secret Revelation of John: Catching the Light, was published by Cascade books in 2022. Learn more about the book on the Early Christian Texts website.

Her exploration and research into these texts ‘beyond the Bible’ began with her Master of Theological Studies work at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, which led to her PhD in Religion and Theology from the University of Birmingham (UK). The unique contribution of Shirley’s work is her research in extracanonical texts from the perspective of contemporary methodology in Practical Theology. The primary text for her research was The Secret Revelation of John. The combination of Shirley’s experience with healing, theological scholarship, and research in Practical Theology evokes ever-new questions and conversations based on ancient texts.

Shirley served as Head of Ecumenical Affairs for the world headquarters of The Christian Science Church for six years and on the Board of the North American Academy of Ecumenists for 5 years. She has published several articles and book chapters on spiritual healing and on Christian Science in ecumenical settings. Access her 2022 article, “A Path to Hope from a Mysterious Ancient Text: Gems within the Secret Revelation of John” by clicking here. Shirley has fifteen years’ experience as a public speaker.

(Photo credit: Bozena Voytko Photography)

Start Learning


  • People who want to deepen their understanding of discipleship

  • Students of religious studies

  • Experienced scholars of biblical studies who want to broaden their understanding of who Jesus was before being defined by church authority.

  • The interfaith community who wants to better understand Jesus followers after Jesus's resurrection. 

  • Those who want to be on the cutting edge, because the dominant assumptions of Christianity are being reviewed

Free Preview Talks

Experience two free online presentations Tuesday evenings:April 11, 2023May 2, 2023Time for both: 7 to 8 pmLocation: Zoom

 an online training led by Shirley Paulson on the Secret Revelation of John in her Nag Hamadi series. This includes the first twelve of 36 lessons; these go into depth about:'What is the Secret Revelation of John?' This first section describes where this text came from, what its original purpose was and why it matters to us now. 

Lessons 1-12
Lesson 1 –What Is the Secret Revelation of John?
Lesson 2 –Where Did It Come From and Why?
Lesson 3 – Violence and Hierarchical Powers
Lesson 4 – Pause and Ponder: You and Antiquity
Lesson 5 – Is It Christian, Pagan, or Gnostic?
Lesson 6 – The Secret Message
Lesson 7 – The First Gem: The Magnificent Realm
Lesson 8 – All Powerful Goodness
Lesson 9 – Time, Reflection, Image
Lesson 10 – Pause and Ponder: The First Gem
Lesson 11 – Gnosis and Humans
Lesson 12 – Sophia

These BONUS lessons 1-12 are only available through May 19, 2023 for those who sign up for the FREE zoom calls. 

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Immersive Day

Christians usually agree that Jesus healed during his ministry, but the Bible doesn’t tell us how he did it. There are several ancient writings that do explain the theology of healing, which sounds very much like the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy. But they are not in the canon and were lost for over 1600 years! The Secret Revelation of John is one of 52 books found in 1945 near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, and it contains the most direct theological statement of healing and salvation in relation to Jesus.Registering for May 20th includes an incredible BONUS!!! This is online access to Shirley's profound training. * This has all 36 lessons* Segmented into 6 sections * Pause and Ponder activities* Two quizzes for your growth
* Includes lessons 1-12 as listed to the Left 

BONUS Lesson 13- 36:
Lesson 13 – 
The Origin of Evil
Lesson 14 – 
Passion and Demons
Lesson 15 – 
Two Creations
Lesson 16 –
 Yaldabaoth’s Workshop
Lesson 17 –
 Sophia’s Repentance
Lesson 18 – 
Jealous and Angry Yaldabaoth
Lesson 19 – 
Another Look at Paradise
Lesson 20 –
 The Rape of Eve
Lesson 21 –
 Yaldabaoth’s Grand Finale and Failure
Lesson 22 –
 Pause and Ponder: The Second Gem
Lesson 23 – 
The Meaning of Salvation and Healing
Lesson 24 – 
Soul and Butterfly
Lesson 25 –
 The Role of Psyche (Soul) In Salvation
Lesson 26 –
 The Hard Questions
Lesson 27 –
 The Final Saving Act
Lesson 28 –
 Pause and Ponder: The Third Gem
Lesson 29 –
Lesson 30 – 
Good Guys, Bad Guys, and Omnipotence
Lesson 31 – 
Our Struggle with Quantum Physics
Lesson 32 –
 Does Healing Involve Mental Powers?
Lesson 33 –
 Reality or Fancy
Lesson 34 –
 Ecumenical and Interfaith Possibilities
Lesson 35 –
 Welcoming Transformation
Lesson 36 –

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Enjoy morning coffee, tea, and noosh.

At lunch enjoy a Catered Lunch

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